School of Gerontology and Long-Term Care founded in 2007, was a pioneer educational program to train advanced specialists.
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Founded in 2007, the School of Gerontology and Long-Term Care, former School of Geriatric Nursing and Care Management, was established under College of Nursing to respond effectively to the needs of an aging population. As a pioneer educational program, our curriculum is developed at equipping future professionals with specific knowledge and skills in the field of aging necessary to sustain or improve older adults’ quality of life.
Our curricular framework is designed to manage older adults’ life from a continuing care aspect including life style management, needs management, care management, and long-term care. With its affiliated medical centers such as hospitals,community health centers, senior centers, and long-term care centers, students are offered a variety of learning arenas in addition to class room setting.
We have a group of multidisciplinary faculty memberswho study the human life by exploring the biological, psychological, sociological, and medical dimensions of adult life. We also expand international cooperation with the world’s top universities, such as the Griffith University in Australia, and the Tohoku Fukushi University in Japan. As a newly developed school rooted in a traditional Medical University, together with our faculties and students we can influence older adults’ health locally, nationally, and internationally.
By the way, we have established  School of Gerontology and Long-Term Care Master degree Program since 2018.

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※Educational goals

1.Possessing human care and respect for the elderly

2.Possessing innovation capability and adaptability in health management for the elderly

3.Concerning global management of the elderly health-related information and development

4.Possessing interdisciplinary communication and coordination ability

5.Possessing ethical and legal ability

6.Possessing professional knowledge and capability


※Educational goals

1.To have humane qualities and critical thinking skills.

2.Possessing interdisciplinary coordination, integration and innovation capability

3.Possessing interdisciplinary communication, coordination ability and leadership

4.Participating the discussion and execution for global management of the elderly health and development

5.Possessing ethical and legal ability in health management for the elderly

6.Possessing professional ability to practice in health management for the elderly


1. Humanistic and social care

2. Integrative thinking and innovation abilities

3. Board vision and global view

4. Interdisciplinary coordination and communication capability

5. Professional Knowledge

6. Ethical and legal literacy and judgement