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From the time it commenced in 1963, the College of Nursing has been devoted to the professional education of health care practitioners and leaders. Our International Ph.D. Program in Gerontology and Long-Term Care provides graduate level health promotion, long-term care and technology assistive education designed with evidence-based practice in delivering smart and compassionate care to older adults and persons with disabilities. Students will be actively engaged in the learning processes and involved in the academic activities and clinical research that will empower them to become professional healthcare specialists.

Our doctorate program dedicates itself to preparing future healthcare leaders who will independently conduct professional research and become leaders in government/industry/university/institutes after graduation. Our faculty is committed to your success in the program and will be available to guide and support you as you progress through the Ph.D. program.

The Ph.D. Program offers multidimensional learning environments and excellent research guidance. The College of Nursing, together with six university-affiliated hospitals, provides opportunities for clinical practice and research collaboration with health care professionals from health promotion and long-term care fields and other related university-affiliated organizations