Notice: in-class instruction

Upcoming Events | 2021-10-15

According to the Ministry of Education pandemic measures on Oct. 4th 

All courses should do in-class instruction except following situations:

● >80 students and exceeds classrooms reduced capacity

● classroom at basement


◆ Note

1.  Please click the link to download the file to search for the courses’ teaching methods.

(1)  courses’ teaching methods starting from Oct. 12th

(2)  classrooms reduced capacity

(3)  Departments/institutes must provide reduced capacity information for their own classrooms on their websites.

(4)  If there are special situations, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs for verification before Oct. 8th.

2.  Teachers' teaching notes during the epidemic prevention period

(1)  common principles

If there are any adjustments to the course method and grading method, please make sure to announce information on Im@TMU.

√ Please record PowerCam and upload all teaching materials to Im@TMU.

(2)  In-class instruction

√ The number of teachers and students in the classroom should be less than 80 indoors, or more than 80 indoors, but maintain indoor social distancing (2.25 m2 /person).

√ Assign seating for each person, or take a picture for the class.

√ Ensure masks are worn by everyone at all time during classEating and drinking must not be allowed. Hands should be washed/sanitized regularly.

√ Make sure classrooms are well ventilated and sanitized regularly. All equipment should be sanitized after each use.

(3)  distance learning courses

√ Please ensure the quality of teaching, strengthen teacher-student interaction, and do not use the old PowerCam files to implement remote teaching.

√ When teachers conduct distance teaching, please pay attention to and ensure the quality of teaching and the effectiveness of students' learning. Please ensure that students' online attendance, discussion and various aspects data are records for reference.

√ Please contact Office of Information Teaching for distance teaching technical consultation (Dann campus (#3) 1617, 1618, 1619, 1616).

√ Distance learning reference:

(a) Ministry of Education "Online Teaching Package", (b) Facebook "Taiwan Online Synchronous Teaching Community".

3.  TMU Learning Management System “Im@TMU guide”

(1)  System Operation Manual

(2)  Synchronized courses learning guide

(3)  During Couse add/drop, Im@TMU update once a day. Please login to Im@TMU the day after you add the course on Academic & Student Affairs Information System.

(4)  Please contact Office of Information Teaching for Im@TMU problems (Dann campus (#3) 1617, 1618, 1619, 1616).

(5)  Please contact Curriculum Section, Office of Academic Affairs for course problems (Ext. 2121~2129)


Curriculum Section, Office of Academic Affairs, Oct. 7th 2021