Summer courses move to distance learning till Sep. 11th.

Upcoming Events | 2022-07-05

Summer courses move to distance learning till Sep 11th.




July 4th to 31th

Summer courses are requested to move to distance learning.

Only laboratory courses, implement courses, individual studies can give physical teaching under the condition of wearing masks and maintaining a safe social distance.

Aug. 1st to Sep. 11th



1.  If there are any adjustments to the course method and grading method, please make sure to announce information on Im@TMU.

2.  When teachers conduct distance teaching, please pay attention to and ensure the quality of teaching and the effectiveness of students' learning. Please ensure that students' online attendance, discussion and various aspects data are records for reference.

3.  Please contact Office of Information Teaching for distance teaching technical consultation (Dann campus (#3) 1616~1619). Please contact College of Interdisciplinary Studies for distance teaching quality consultation (Main campus 2855).

Distance learning reference: (a) Ministry of Education "Online Teaching Package", (b) Facebook "Taiwan Online Synchronous Teaching Community".


Curriculum Section, Office of Academic Affairs, July. 4th 2022